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Irregular verbs arise (arájz) arose (aróz) arisen (arizn) adódik, fakad, ered awake (avék) awoke (avók) awoken (avókn) felébred be (bí) was, were (vaz,vör) been (bín) létige (lenni) bear (bír) bore (bór) borne (bórn) elszenved, kiáll, eltűr bear (bír) bore (bór) born (bórn) szül beat (bít) beat (bít) beaten (bítn) dobog, ver, üt (szív) become (bikám) became (bikém) […]
World of work World of work If you need a job you have to look at several advertisements. Jobs are advertised in daily papers, magazines, professional journals on the internet and in Job centres. To apply for a job you have to write your CV and a cover letter and send it to the company. If the company […]
Work Work Children usually have to know what they want to be at the age of 14. In which do they go? It depends on their plans. If they want to be a hairdresser or an electrician they will go to secondary technical and vocational school. These jobs are skilled jobs. Who start working after the […]
Where do you live? Where do you live? I live in Budapest at Szondy street 46. That is in 4th district in North-Budapest, near the Danube. This is a house with garden. We have a big dog who keep our house. In our garden are many trees, flowers, and grass. We are living here about 3 years. We live […]
Weekends Weekends On Saturdays and Sundays the whole family get up late, but sometimes we get up early. My granny makes some food, some soup and some second course. My mother, my brother and I do the shopping. On Saturdays I don’t learn, I rather meet my friends, and relax a lot. On Saturdays I get […]
Weather Weather Hungary has a continental climate. This means that the weather is quite easily predictable (megjósolható) and there are big differences between the weather in the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Hungary is protected from the extremes weather by the mountain ranges encompassing (bekerít) her from almost all sides.. Temperatures above 30 degree […]
Visiting Hungary, Budapest Visiting Hungary, Budapest The capital city of Hungary is Budapest. Buda on the right side of the river Danube is built among hills, while Pest on the left side is built on the plain. To introduce Budapest to a tourist from abroad I would tell him some historical and geographical data about the capital of […]
Vásárlás és szolgáltatások – Shopping and services Vásárlás és szolgáltatások I like window-shopping especially in a new shopping centre, but I rarely waste time doing it. If I want to buy something, I’ll go in the largest hypermarket and buy it. In my family every morning it is my dad who buys everything that we need such as bread or rolls, milk, […]
Utókérdések – Question tags Positive sentence Negative tag You are fond of adventure films, I’m appropriately dressed, They like sitting in the first row, You can find trailers on the internet, You could lend me the soundtrack, They have read the review, aren’t you? aren’t I? don’t they? can’t you? couldn’t you? haven’t they? You will buy the tickets, […]
Used to használata Used to használata Használhatjuk: ha régi szokásos cselekvésről beszélünk (csúnya magyarsággal „szoktam volt”), amit már nem csinálunk. Pl.: I used to go to the disco every weekend. – Régen minden hétvégén jártam diszkóba, már nem. Ha olyan dologról beszélünk, ami régen igaz volt, de már nem az. I used to like him. Régebben kedveltem. De […]